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XK-3160 Weighing Indicator

XK-3160 Weighing Indicator

LCD sreen size(L*W)140×35mm      

Display Height28mm

Size: 230*150*110mm


Product details:

1.Large LCD display with back light;

2. 24 bits high processor;

3. Have kg, g, tlt, lb, oz, etc weighing units;

4. Have check weighing, accumulation& counting function;

5. Quick response in weighing/stability/zero-tracking/tare;

6. Equipped with 6V4AH rechargeable battery;

7. Using touchable keypad to make more easily press;

8. Low-battery signal will flash when the battery is low;

9. Have change function & auto-cal function;


1. RS232C function (option);

2. Color lamp alarm function (option);

3. Time mode communication (option);

4. Relay control card & RTC perpetual calendar (option);

5. Red or green LED display (option).

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